Forc*d Bi


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Stacy, the sadistic transsexual Goddess knows your secret. She knows why you jerk off to so much tranny porn. She knows your favorite part is the big huge cocks. It makes you feel better when that cock is on a beautiful woman, but Stacy is about to teach you how to appreciate all kinds of dick. Her incredible beauty has you under her spell. You can’t resist as her seductive voice lulls you into submission. You are weak as you follow her every command. Soon you find yourself hard as a rock, watching gay porn as she urges you to keep going, keep stroking, this is your life now fag. Might as well enjoy all that gay dick! Stacy is going to f*rce you to enjoy it whether you like it or not. So keep stroking. Stroke, stroke, stroke, keep going until you finally bust a nut to gay porn, and you hear Sadistic Stacy laugh at what a slutty cocksucker she’s turned you into.

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