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This is Fluxcam. Essentially it’s two live video feeds and a chatroom. One video for the Domme and one for the subs, or for another Domme, or whatever.

What makes Fluxcam different from other cam sites is that whereas most cam sites will only let you cam2cam with a client on a one-on-one basis, with fluxcam both feeds are visible by the whole chatroom. Effectively subs perform on cam for the room and the people in the room may even get a degree of say in how the session develops which has already proven to be a lot of fun.

The chatroom has so far been open to both free and premium members, though we plan to have some Premium-member-only shows too, as well as guest Dommes and subs.

It’s still very new indeed and we’re still testing out how it works best so it’s likely to change/evolve quite a bit for the moment while I work on it, so thank you in advance for your patience with that.

See you in chat 🙂


Sorry but you need to be a member (either free or premium) to view the live feed.
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