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Brainwash Slave Mindfucked to Suck MORE Cock

Submissive Anna Moone has been under the dominance of Mistress Stacy Sadistic for quite some time, and their sessions have been going very well. Thanks to the training of Miss Stacy, Anna has become a very submissive and obedient little sex toy. Even so, she still wants to take things even further. The Goddess explains a special therapy where the submissive goes under a deep trance in order to be receive new programming, deep in their sub-conscious. Anna volunteers enthusiastically. While under, Anna is very susceptible to suggestion, and Stacy takes advantage of that. When Anna wakes up from the trance, she doesn’t remember sucking a huge girlcock, and isn’t quite sure why her face is plastered in cum. The greedy cumslut obeys like always though, and licks up the delicious mess. When she looks down, she notices her panties are covered in her own precum, and when you watch this video, yours will be too!

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If you haven’t seen one of my weekend shows on Fluxcam, you’re missing out! I usually perform with Lola Lovegood on Saturdays, and Niki Flux is around a lot on the weekends too. To encourage you all to get a premium membership, I’ve made this recording of a full camshow available to all of my free members. Now you can see everything you have been missing in this 2 hour video!

This was the first weekend testing out fluxcam, so the quality on this video is not as good as the high definition feeds currently available.

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