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Bianca Kamio: Piss Princess

It had been a long day of filming with my filthy bimbo slut, Bianca. Lots of fucking and sucking under hot photography lights can really take the piss right out of you. Well… speaking of piss, I didn’t have time to take one, with all that nonstop boner action. I had been drinking lots of water throughout the day to fend off dehydration, and by the end, it had really caught up to me. Lil miss kamio must have been feeling the heat too, because she was super thirsty.

I figured the depraved lil fuckwhore didn’t really deserve to drink water, so I decided on a utilitarian get-two-birds-stoned solution. I emptied my bladder straight into her mouth. It was almost more than she could handle, but she did it! Sure, there might have been one or two piss-burps along the way, but I personally find that to be super cute! <3