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Cancellation policy

We have just switched to a non-rebilling payment setup since that seemed to be the fairest for my users and what everyone wanted, so as of the writing of this message (31/10/2021), there are no automatic rebills on new accounts, which means this page is largely redundant.

We noticed most people were joining up but then cancelling right away afterwards so that they don’t get rebilled.  This is understandable but by cancelling they also lost their premium access so didn’t even really get to enjoy the full month’s membership. So then we added a non-rebilling option and almost everyone chose that option.

We took this as a sign that perhaps automatic rebilling isn’t the way to go, and wrote a new system based around one-off billing which is now in effect.

Now there’s a membership “product” (opens in new tab) which when purchased credits 28 days membership to your account right away. It will not automatically rebill.

You’ll get notified when your membership is nearing running out and if you renew that’s great but if you want to let it lapse for a bit then your account will revert automatically back to “free member” status once your membership runs out.

You can re-enable at any time without any penalty and your memberships stack so if you wanted to buy a 3 month membership you could just buy 3x the “28 days membership” item and you’ll be credited the time on top of whatever you have outstanding, down to the second.

You can top up early and you will still enjoy the *full* previous membership as well as then the additional time. So if you had 7 days membership remaining and purchased another 28 days, you would now have 35 days membership available.

That means you don’t need to cancel right away after subscribing to preventing getting rebilled in a month’s time. Now you can just enjoy the full 28 days membership without worrying that you’re going to get charged again.

Whilst the card payment provider will expect full details to match the card (obviously), we only collect a name/handle (so we know how to refer to you) and email address (so we can contact you in case of a problem). If we don’t store it we can’t get hacked for it, right? Plus it’s better privacy for you.


If you have any account queries please contact me on

If you are one of my older/long-term customers who is on the rebilling model, your rebills will continue, as will your membership. If you want to adjust either of those please just email me or use the contact form and we’ll sort it right away.

Old members: If you would like to cancel your subscription from rebilling, please contact me at

Alternatively you can also cancel by contacting CCBill’s Consumer Support department with your payment reference:

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