Hello Perverts,

I know how much you all love my ass, but do you know how much I love getting my ass ate? Oh my god it feels so good!
MMMmmmm I love smothering a poor little slave with my ass cheeks til they can’t even breath. It feels so good to have their
dirty toungue fucking my hole. Will you be my bitch? Lay down on the floor while I sit on your face. You’re gonna love this!



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Sissification Therapy

You have a debilitating problem and you have come to a therapist for help. Stacy Sadistic is a caring therapist who understands your need to be a sissy. Listen to her talk you through your problem and prescribe a treatment for your uncontrollable  feelings of femininity.


Sissy Hypn*sis

You are getting very sl**py… You are beginning to feel more and more like a sissy… Get this video to fall under my spell and be mesmerized into a trance. In this highly suggestible state, you will be encouraged to be more girly, more slutty, and become the perfect little sissy that you know you can be. Over 14 minutes long, this professional hypn*sis session is invaluable!



Female Supremacy Humiliation


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Hello slut,

By now you should know what a worthless shitbag you are. I love forcing you to do all sorts of humiliating shit for my amusement, and my constant verbal degradation really drives home the point. But do you really understand why men like you are so pathetic, so vile, so disgusting? I know with all that bl**d in that excuse for a cock, its hard to understand the real reason you are inferior to all women. So I decided to spell it out for you, point by point, from the beginning of time to the sad state of things the male race has brought the world to right now. Pay attention to the knowledge I’m dropping on you boy. You’re not even worthy of the time I took to record this video, so you better damn well appreciate it! After schooling you on your unavoidable fate as a testosterone filled animal, I explain my plan on curing the earth of you parasitic bottom-feeders. Then to really make you squirm, I tease you with my delicious body, taunting you as I tell you the utter truth: you will never be with a woman as beautiful as me.


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