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Slave Lux Liv3s Fucks Stacy Sadistic


Smoking hot slave lux lives is very naughty and deserves to be punished. Watch me give it to her good in this hot hardcore bdsm scene! You’ll get choking, hair-pulling, slapping, spanking spitting and more in this extremely XXX video!

Mistress Stacy Teases Slave’s Cock (with ChristianXXX)

I’m really proud to share this video with y’all. I think its one of my best scenes so far. I was really excited to work with someone as famous and talented as ChristianXXX, and he did not disappoint. I’m a professional, I take things very seriously, and I was focused on making a hot video, but I was surprised when I met him in person. He was a lot hotter than I had expected, and I found myself immediately sprung on his sexy bod. Playing with that beautiful cock definitely made my day.

So what kind of scene is this? A hot one! My faithful slave has been worshiping his Goddess for years, behind the back of his disappointing wife. After going through my training, devoting himself to my personal happiness and pleasure for the longest time, with no expectation of reward, I decide to have some fun. No, he doesn’t’ get to lay a single hand on my voluptuous body. The lucky bastard gets to feel my strong soft hands stroking his shaft, and my smooth supple wet lips caressing the head of his cock. All of that, with no expectation of orgasm. Does he get to cum? Do I decide to be nice, and give him that sweet release? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out…



Bratty Deanna Gets A Spanking

“Mommy’s home! Mommy’s home!” yells Teeny Deanna, as the voluptuous, long-legged milf walks in, after a long day at the office. Her black open-toed high heels accentuate her toned calves, and the low-cut, skin-tight dress really makes her body pop. Stacy picks up the cute lil tyke with ease, and gives her a big hug, telling Deanna just how much she missed her babygirl. Deanna jumps for joy when Mommy pulls a special present out of her purse, a Hello Kitty coloring book! Deanna relaxes on the couch with her new book, while Mommy bakes some homemade chocolate chip cookies. You’ll really feel the love and warmth between these too, its just so sweet and cute, right up until the point where the kid starts to get out of line. Mom is quick to put her in her place, as she bends her over and gives her a firm spanking! You’ll be as turned on as you are afraid, when you see Deanna’s lil butt turn the same color as her pretty pink pussy. When Deanna’s had enough, she pleads, “I’ll be a good girl mommy!” She REALLY wants to show Mom what a good girl she can be. Deanna starts off by sucking those perfect perky tits, and moves on down to take that big bad cock all the way down her throat. Stacy teaches her to always enjoy having a big dick in her mouth, by rubbing her lil button until she just cant take it anymore. Deanna cums hard while gagging on Stacy’s dick, and soon after, she’s getting a mouthful of Mom’s love juice. She’s a good girl though, and does just what Mommy taught her, which is to keep that jizz in her mouth so she can give Mom a big wet sloppy kiss. You’ll be salivating when you see that hot cum go back and forth between those two soft, warm, wet mouths. This video will leave you craving Stacy’s sperm more than you ever have before…

Smoking And Sucking

I don’t have anything to smoke, so I go ask my friend Jadence. She agrees to let me use her cool b0ng, but I’ve got to do something for her in return. Its time to party, and sometimes that means sucking an occasional dick. See me get dirty with this sloppy spitty blowjob. When you see the hot lesbian action, your boner will be out of control, and when I make Jadence cum, your cock will explode with joy.

Stacy Sadistic Sucks Huge 9″ Cock of Nonbinary Cutie Dominic Rystan

When I found out that sexy NB model Dominic Rystan was in town, I just had to drop by and say hi. I let them know that I’m a big fan of their work AND their cock. After mentioning how I would really like to suck it, they tell me that they LOVE getting their cock sucked. After that I tell them to pull that motherfucker out and let me see it. You’ll be drooling when you see me get filthy with this spitty sloppy suckjob.  You will gasp in amazement when you see me deep throat their entire nine inches. You’ll lose your shit when you see that massive cock blowing a huge load all over my pretty face!

Black BBW Slave Akasha meets PAWG Cricket Rose

Akasha Shakur is my slutty slave, and she loves sucking cock, but she’s not afraid to share. In this hot 17 minute video, I introduce her to a tight lil teen BBW named Cricket Rose, and make them pleasure me while lean back and relax. There’s cocksucking, there’s ball licking, there’s even some titty sucking! To finish it all off, I shoot a big hot load right into Akasha’s dyke mouth.

Hot New 3sum with Teeny Deanna & Akasha Shakur

Did you miss me on cam last weekend?  Really? You know I’m always getting up to something naughty with all kinds of sexy slutty people. Last week’s guest was the amazing Teeny Deanna. Watch Akasha and I seduce this young tight virgin, and start her down a path of debauchery and depravity. With all the hot spit, titty and cock action in this clip, you’ll be jerking all day and all night. If you just can’t seem to get this pretty nubile starlet out of your mind, make sure you give her a call at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 11005434.

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Sissification of a Geezer

It’s never too old to be a sissy! In this amazing 100 minute video, slut lou finds out exactly how true that is. It took that long because this old bastard was a real mess. A hairy, wrinkled, ugly excuse for a man with no manners or femininity to speak of. Watch as I completely transform him into a slutty lil sissy, then take him for a test drive , making sure all of his holes are ready for business.

Not only does this lucky slut get to be used and abused by yours truly, he gets double teamed by the amazing Mistress Julie. This Goddess may even be more cruel and unmerciful than I am! In this spectacular transformation, watch us put the bitch in his place with some f*rced piss guzzling, drag him around by a leash like the animal that he is, while giving him the ultimate in humiliation and degradation.

We shave his ass nice and smooth because everyone good sissy needs a cute lil ass to get those dicks hard and inside their holes. We plaster his face with some trashy slutty makeup, do a quick photoshoot, then its time to put this bitch to the test. We bring the pain with whips, paddles and my favorite riding crop. We plug her sissyhole with 2 different buttplugs to really get a good gape. While she’s getting pounded from behind, we also give her a lesson in cocksucking. For the grand finale, we give the dirty skank something every sissy craves: a nice big faceful of yummy hot cum!

Cheerleader/Nerd Roleplay with Lola Lovegood

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Were you a nerd in high school, always daydreaming of a naughty romp with one of the popular girls? Maybe you even imagined a nerdy girl being bossed around by a sexy cheerleader, in a hot lesbian scenario. Well your time has finally cum. You’re about to get what you’ve always been dreaming of. Watch me play the bitchy cheerleader, as Lola Lovegood portrays the goody two-shoes nerd. I lead her down the road of debauchery with some spanking, cocksucking, and f*rced intoxification. I even get her to do my homework, and help me cheat on the algebra test!

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Pretty In Pink

Hey Sweetie!
I went to Vegas for my birthday and had so much fun! I won lots of money playing blackjack, went to lots of shows, and I got a super awesome makeover. I got a manicure, a pedicure, waxing, and dyed my hair the loveliest shade of pastel pink. It all goes very well with my pink clothes and accessories so I thought I would make a sexy video to show off all my favorite pink bits. You’re gonna love listening to me narrate the whole time, urging you to stroke your cock, but commanding you don’t blow your load until I say so. There is plenty of teasing as I show off my pretty pink nipples, my cute pink little hole, and the magnificent pink head of my cock. In the end, you just wopn’t be able to hold it any longer as you see me deepthroat my pink dildo, and you hear me say, “cum for me, cum for me right now you little whore!” I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Who am I kidding? I know you will!


pretty_in_pink5 pretty_in_pink7 pretty_in_pink pretty_in_pink2

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