Stacy Sadistic Sucks Huge 9″ Cock of Trans Cutie Dom Rystan

When I found out that sexy NB model Dom Rystan was in town, I just had to drop by and say hi. I let them know that I’m a big fan of their work AND their cock. After mentioning how I would really like to suck it, they tell me that they LOVE getting their cock sucked. After that I tell them to pull that motherfucker out and let me see it. You’ll be drooling when you see me get filthy with this spitty sloppy suckjob. ¬†You will gasp in amazement when you see me deep throat their entire nine inches. You’ll lose your shit when you see that massive cock blowing a huge load all over my pretty face!

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A Discrete Encounter

I’ve had a long, hard week, and I decide to relax with a nice warm mouth. So I call The Agency, and they do not disappoint. They send over one of their most talented girls, TSJadence. We waste no time, and before you know it, she’s on her knees with my entire cock down her throat. The head game is strong with this one! When you see her groping my nice perky tits while devouring my dick, you won’t be sure whether you want to be in my place or hers.