Foot Slave Lux Lives Worships Stacy Sadistic


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As a flawless ethereal Goddess, I deserve nothing less than a fully devoted foot slave, tasked with pampering my big sexy feet 24/7. I deserve the best, and there is none better, than footslave Lux Lives. After a long day of work, in my beautiful 6″ heels, nothing feels better than her soft wet mouth licking my breathtaking soles. Her skilled hands relieve all my tension, when she rubs my stress away. A disgusting pig like you will never be able to share the presence with my perfect feet, but watching the world’s best footslave give me everything I desire, is the next best thing.

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  1. Surely a two-footed Goddess needs two footslaves? i don’t pretend to be superior to this lovely creature, but You do have two feet, surely there is an openeing

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