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Teeny Deanna Learns How to Eat Pussy

Me and my faithful slave Akasha Shakur have been around the block, but that doesn’t mean they’re too cool to hang out with young innocent girls like Teeny Deanna. We love corrupting the youth, so we invited this tiny impressionable hottie back to our house for a sleep over. We do all the fun stuff good girls do at slumber parties, including having a very saucy pillowfight! I guess all the roughhousing really gets Teeny Deanna worked up, so she just can’t help to ask the sexy couple about their “BDSM lifestyle.” She’s curious as a kitten, but also very shy and reserved. Luckily with a lil prodding, we get her to “open up” so to speak. Although she swears up and down that she’s super “straight,” my dominant ways have her getting spanked, and on her knees toungue deep in Akasha’s tasty cunt in no time flat. Watch us defile this lil prude, and make her at least a lil bi-curious before the night is done.

Smoking And Sucking

I don’t have anything to smoke, so I go ask my friend Jadence. She agrees to let me use her cool b0ng, but I’ve got to do something for her in return. Its time to party, and sometimes that means sucking an occasional dick. See me get dirty with this sloppy spitty blowjob. When you see the hot lesbian action, your boner will be out of control, and when I make Jadence cum, your cock will explode with joy.

Stacy Sadistic Sucks Huge 9″ Cock of Nonbinary Cutie Dominic Rystan

When I found out that sexy NB model Dominic Rystan was in town, I just had to drop by and say hi. I let them know that I’m a big fan of their work AND their cock. After mentioning how I would really like to suck it, they tell me that they LOVE getting their cock sucked. After that I tell them to pull that motherfucker out and let me see it. You’ll be drooling when you see me get filthy with this spitty sloppy suckjob.  You will gasp in amazement when you see me deep throat their entire nine inches. You’ll lose your shit when you see that massive cock blowing a huge load all over my pretty face!