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Orgasm Denial with Stacy Sadistic & Summer Hart

Summer Hart is such a good and obedient slave. She’s been trained very well, and never cums without the permission of her Mistress. I love teasing her tight little pussy until she begs to cum. Do I let her? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out…

Party at Stacy’s House!


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Its girls’ night out with Stacy Sadistic, then back to her house for some REAL fun! Ogle some of the most beautiful teenage college coeds you have ever seen in this fun & freaky 27 minute video. The fun starts with some drinks, Stacy puts on some music, and the girls really get down. See them dance and show off all their goodies before it gets even more heated. The sadistic Mistress pulls out her whip, and makes the girls scream with pleasure. In a rarely seen event, Stacy even hands over the whip and lets the girls have fun with her ass. This amazing footage features the stunning transsexual Goddess and 3 new teenage knockouts: Lola Lovegood, Eris Danzi, and Latrice Headstrong.