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Teeny Deanna Learns How to Eat Pussy

Me and my faithful slave Akasha Shakur have been around the block, but that doesn’t mean they’re too cool to hang out with young innocent girls like Teeny Deanna. We love corrupting the youth, so we invited this tiny impressionable hottie back to our house for a sleep over. We do all the fun stuff good girls do at slumber parties, including having a very saucy pillowfight! I guess all the roughhousing really gets Teeny Deanna worked up, so she just can’t help to ask the sexy couple about their “BDSM lifestyle.” She’s curious as a kitten, but also very shy and reserved. Luckily with a lil prodding, we get her to “open up” so to speak. Although she swears up and down that she’s super “straight,” my dominant ways have her getting spanked, and on her knees toungue deep in Akasha’s tasty cunt in no time flat. Watch us defile this lil prude, and make her at least a lil bi-curious before the night is done.

Bratty Deanna Gets A Spanking

“Mommy’s home! Mommy’s home!” yells Teeny Deanna, as the voluptuous, long-legged milf walks in, after a long day at the office. Her black open-toed high heels accentuate her toned calves, and the low-cut, skin-tight dress really makes her body pop. Stacy picks up the cute lil tyke with ease, and gives her a big hug, telling Deanna just how much she missed her babygirl. Deanna jumps for joy when Mommy pulls a special present out of her purse, a Hello Kitty coloring book! Deanna relaxes on the couch with her new book, while Mommy bakes some homemade chocolate chip cookies. You’ll really feel the love and warmth between these too, its just so sweet and cute, right up until the point where the kid starts to get out of line. Mom is quick to put her in her place, as she bends her over and gives her a firm spanking! You’ll be as turned on as you are afraid, when you see Deanna’s lil butt turn the same color as her pretty pink pussy. When Deanna’s had enough, she pleads, “I’ll be a good girl mommy!” She REALLY wants to show Mom what a good girl she can be. Deanna starts off by sucking those perfect perky tits, and moves on down to take that big bad cock all the way down her throat. Stacy teaches her to always enjoy having a big dick in her mouth, by rubbing her lil button until she just cant take it anymore. Deanna cums hard while gagging on Stacy’s dick, and soon after, she’s getting a mouthful of Mom’s love juice. She’s a good girl though, and does just what Mommy taught her, which is to keep that jizz in her mouth so she can give Mom a big wet sloppy kiss. You’ll be salivating when you see that hot cum go back and forth between those two soft, warm, wet mouths. This video will leave you craving Stacy’s sperm more than you ever have before…