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Black BBW Slave Akasha meets PAWG Cricket Rose

Akasha Shakur is my slutty slave, and she loves sucking cock, but she’s not afraid to share. In this hot 17 minute video, I introduce her to a tight lil teen BBW named Cricket Rose, and make them pleasure me while lean back and relax. There’s cocksucking, there’s ball licking, there’s even some titty sucking! To finish it all off, I shoot a big hot load right into Akasha’s dyke mouth.

Red Light Green Light JOI Game

You love being under my control. It just feels better when you have my permission to stroke you cock doesn’t it? Well this is a fun jerk off game that will really put you over the edge. When I say green light, feel free to enjoy my sexy body, but when I say red light, that’s when the fun really begins. You can bet I will be teasing you til you go wild! Be a good boy, and you might just get to blow your load!

How To Become A Sissy in 7 Days


In this amazing 7 day guide, I guide you through the process of sissification. Each day, I give you a new exciting task to complete. Only by reaching day 7, following all instructions exactly, and completing each task will you become a real sissy, and a slave to your Goddess. Check this one out if you are into blackmail, anal training, sluttification, humiliation and cock sucking =]

Hot New 3sum with Teeny Deanna & Akasha Shakur

Did you miss me on cam last weekend?  Really? You know I’m always getting up to something naughty with all kinds of sexy slutty people. Last week’s guest was the amazing Teeny Deanna. Watch Akasha and I seduce this young tight virgin, and start her down a path of debauchery and depravity. With all the hot spit, titty and cock action in this clip, you’ll be jerking all day and all night. If you just can’t seem to get this pretty nubile starlet out of your mind, make sure you give her a call at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 11005434.

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Sissification of a Geezer

It’s never too old to be a sissy! In this amazing 100 minute video, slut lou finds out exactly how true that is. It took that long because this old bastard was a real mess. A hairy, wrinkled, ugly excuse for a man with no manners or femininity to speak of. Watch as I completely transform him into a slutty lil sissy, then take him for a test drive , making sure all of his holes are ready for business.

Not only does this lucky slut get to be used and abused by yours truly, he gets double teamed by the amazing Mistress Julie. This Goddess may even be more cruel and unmerciful than I am! In this spectacular transformation, watch us put the bitch in his place with some f*rced piss guzzling, drag him around by a leash like the animal that he is, while giving him the ultimate in humiliation and degradation.

We shave his ass nice and smooth because everyone good sissy needs a cute lil ass to get those dicks hard and inside their holes. We plaster his face with some trashy slutty makeup, do a quick photoshoot, then its time to put this bitch to the test. We bring the pain with whips, paddles and my favorite riding crop. We plug her sissyhole with 2 different buttplugs to really get a good gape. While she’s getting pounded from behind, we also give her a lesson in cocksucking. For the grand finale, we give the dirty skank something every sissy craves: a nice big faceful of yummy hot cum!

Evil Bl**d Seductress Akasha Shakur

Video Coming Soon!

We just recorded a very hot bl**d play blasphemy shoot with black BBW Goddess Akasha Shakur and we had a hell of a good time! I wanted to post a super hot teaser clip for you guys while I work on editing the sexiest  horror gore porn of the decade. Watch as the evil temptress casts a wicked spell to make you overcome with lust. Enjoy the hot wet red bl**d dripping from her every curve.  This shoot is definitely going to make you feel devilish in your desire and compelled in your complete devotion.

BDSM Blowbang with Lucy Blue & Akasha Shakur

Naughty slave Akasha Shakur is out of control! She just can’t get enough tranny cock in her slut mouth. Watch her get disciplined by two stern transsexual Dommes! Tit Torture, Hole Stretching, Anal Training, Spanking, Oil & more followed by 2 big loads straight down Akasha’s greedy throat. With so much action in this hour long video, you will be watching it over and over again.

Chastity Slave Unlocked for 60 Seconds

Meet Kevin,

He’s my  35 year old chastity slave living in Long Island, NY. He has been locked up since 3/1/2016, but I gave him a chance to take off his cage last weekend. Just for a minute though, but that wasn’t long enough for Kevin. Watch this amazing video to see him unlocked, try in vain to make himself cum in 60 seconds, and ice his balls before locking himself back u again. Drop by #Fluxcam to see how Kevin is doing, and maybe you will have a chance to see me unlock him for a failed orgasm.

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Makeup & Nail Polish Giveaway!!!


To celebrate reaching 2000 followers on Tumblr, I am doing a 25 item makeup & nail polish giveaway. This is open to everybody, but trans women are especially encouraged to enter.

The winner will receive:

  • BeautyTreats 7 brush set with pink case
  • BeautyTreats Smoky Eyeshadow Pallete with 12 colors
  • ColorMates Garden Party Eyeshadow Pallete with 12 colors
  • ColorMates Island Oasis Eyeshadow Pallete with 12 colors
  • 2x Santee Matte Storm Eyeshadow Pallete with 3 colors
  • Santee Matte Dual Eyeshadow Palette with 5 colors
  • Santee Sun Kissed Mineral Blush & Bronzer Pallete with 4 colors (spf 20)
  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter 
  • NK Mascara (black)
  • KleanColor Precision Eyeliner (black)
  • Christina False Lashes made with 100% human hair
  • Star Glue Eyelash Adhesive
  • Nabi Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss (pink)
  • Nabi Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss (hot red)
  • Nicka K Clear Lip Gel with vitamin E
  • Global Beauty Care Retinol Makeup Removing Wipes (25 count)
  • KleanColor Barbie Pink Nail Polish
  • KleanColor Neon Pink Nail Polish
  • KleanColor Neon Purple Nail Polish
  • KleanColor Neon Aqua Nail Polish
  • KleanColor Neon Orange Nail Polish
  • KleanColor Neon Green Nail Polish
  • KleanColor Funky Yellow Nail Polish
  • KleanColor Top Coat Nail Polish


Contest is now over, and the winner was:


Check for more giveaways coming soon at: StacySadistic.Tumblr.Com

Sadistic Transsexual Dominatrix